Energy North Group Announces Senior Leadership Team

Energy North Group Announces Senior Leadership Team

LAWRENCE, Mass., August 16, 2022 – Energy North Group is proud to announce its senior leadership appointments: Jeff Black as Chief Executive Officer; Kevin Riley as President of Operations and Finance; and Matt LaLone as President of Administration and General Counsel.

As CEO of Energy North and its family of companies, Jeff Black provides strategic leadership to the organization. Having worked as a convenience store associate at age 16 and advanced to several sales and leadership roles within Energy North, Jeff has a vision to lay a strong foundation for the future and attract new talent. He is dedicated to maintaining the values that have been at the heart of the family-owned company for over 40 years.

“Our entire community is our family, from our employees to our customer base to those who simply reside in our service areas,” said Jeff. “Our collective vision is to energize the lives of those community members to help them continue to go and grow. I believe we have put together exactly the right team to make that a reality.”

As President of Operations and Finance, Kevin Riley is driven to cultivate a workplace in which employees at every level have equal opportunities to contribute to the organization’s success. In his role, he oversees Heating Operations, Finance, Transportation, Wholesale and Retail. Kevin previously served as the Chief Financial Officer of Haffner’s.

As President of Administration and General Counsel, Matt LaLone is responsible for leading the organization’s HR, IT, Legal and Safety departments. Part of his work is ensuring that Energy North is prepared to respond to industry challenges and opportunities and make a positive impact on the communities it serves. As the business grows into the next generation, he remains committed to making quality and safety paramount.